Olympic style curling is done on sheets of ice that are 150 ft in length.  Olympic Curlers stand, sweep and slide on the ice.  You don’t normally do this while drinking a beer.

Bar-style curling is done on a much smaller sheet of ice.  Bar-style Curlers shoot from rubber mats and do not need to sweep, stand, or slide on the ice.  You can do this while having a beer.

Private Group Ice Curling events, typically 1 hour 15 minutes, cost $35/person. Walk-in sessions are also 1 hour 15 minutes, cost $35/person.  

Private Group Axe Throwing events are $35/person for 2 hours.  Axe Throwing Walk-in sessions are $20/person for 1 hour.

Our ice rink is outdoors so please dress appropriately. We will have a tent to protect the ice from rain, snow and wind. Don’t worry you can always come inside to our bar to warm up! 🙂

You will not be allowed to stand on the ice or sweep.  You will shoot the olympic style curling stones from rubber mats.

The minimum private group size is three players.  We can handle groups as large as 16+ people per hour.  You can book for up to 16 people online, but must call us for groups larger than that so that we can work out the details.  Remember we also have a huge axe throwing facility next to our ice rink, which holds 150+ people.  We’ll make it work.  Call (412) 408-2650.

You can use a credit card, cash or gift card. We require a deposit at the time of your booking. The remaining balance is paid at the time of the event via credit card.

Group events are typically 1 hour 15 minutes.

You betcha. Curling Stones, lanes, and ice targets will be provided by us!

Yup, before all events and sessions, our curling experts will teach you some basic technique, as well as some important safety/game rules.

We allow kids of almost all ages take part in curling.  However, we would like to discuss the details with you so please call us at (412) 408-2650.

TIt’s very safe! We actually do not allow anyone to sweep or stand on the ice.  You will shoot real curling stones from a rubber mat to a target on a 40 ft rink.

Nope, for safety and insurance purposes, you must use our stones. They’re nice stones, right from our friends north of the border.

If you cancel your event at least one week beforehand, we will refund your deposit. Within one weeks of the event, we will not refund you, but we will reschedule you at our discretion.

Sure you can bring fans… umm spectators, with your group free of charge.  With that said, there may not be much space available to provide a good view of the action for spectators.  Spectators will always have space at the bar, though. Trust me, it’s more fun to just come and curl.

You can book online through out website. Visit the booking page for availability & details.